DARLSTONE is simply the answer when logistic solutions becomes the question. We DEAL in SOURCING & PROCURING all types of products around the globe manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers in almost every sector of the economy. DARLSTONE is the bridge between global companies and their African counterparts especially Nigeria.


Right from its formation, DARLSTONE has already through its dedication and integrity proven to be a company to reckon with, judging from the massive trust gained from companies that have already sought our services. We have been able to assist companies and individuals scale the hurdles and stress involved in international business, like the issue of Forex, language, distance and most especially trust.


Let us know your logistical challenges and we will offer you a range of potential solutions that will meet your business needs, saving you time and cost in an efficient way. DARLSTONE has created cost effective solutions that helps improve your business by cutting cost, shortening transit time and providing you needed support to enhance your business. We also provide affordable chain solutions across the world. Your logistics problems are halfway solved just by contacting us.


SWISSDARL FREIGHT & LOGISTICS LTD….your delivery will get your product from point A to B. Visit